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Pet Tamers are NPC's that you can fight in a pet battle, similar to PvP Pet Battles. In order to battle these NPCs, you have to have a quest, which you can get from any Battle Pet Trainer. Not to be confused with the tamers, these NPCs teach you Battle Pet Training, and can often give you quests and sell you a race-specific battle pet.

Aspiring Pet Tamers Edit

The first quest you get to fight pet tamers is either Alliance 15Julia, The Pet Tamer or Horde 15Zunta, The Pet Tamer, depending on your faction. These are the Aspiring Pet Tamers, which have the lowest level pets and are the easiest to beat of all the pet tamers.

List of Aspiring Pet Tamers Edit

Zone Faction NPC Location Pet level Pets
Elwynn Forest Alliance 15 Julia Stevens 41.6, 83.6 3 Fangs, Slither
Durotar Horde 15 Zunta 43.8, 28.8 2 Spike, Mumtar

Master Pet Tamers Edit

After you defeat an Aspiring Pet Tamer, you will be able to get additional quests to defeat the Master Pet Tamers of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, and later Outland, Quest: Battle Pet Tamers: Northrend, and Cataclysm. Once you complete each quest, you can go back and battle each Master Pet Tamer individually from that quest in a Daily quest that you get by talking to the tamer you want to battle again.

List of Master Pet Tamers Edit

Eastern Kingdoms Edit

Zone Faction NPC Location Pet level Pets
Burning Steppes Horde 15 Durin Darkhammer 25.6, 47.6 17 Comet, Ignious, Moltar
Cape of Stranglethorn Alliance 15 Bill Buckler 51.4, 73.2 11 Burgle, Eyegouger, Young Beaky
Duskwood Alliance 15 Eric Davidson 19.8, 44.8 7 Blackfang, Darkwidow, Webwinder
Eastern Plaguelands Horde 15 Deiza Plaguehorn 67.0, 52.4 14 Bleakspinner, Carrion, Plaguebringer
Hinterlands Horde 15 David Kosse 62.8, 54.6 13 Corpsefeeder, Plop, Subject 142
Northern Stranglethorn Alliance 15 Steven Lisbane 46.0, 40.4 9 Emeralda, Moonstalker, Nanners
Redridge Mountains Alliance 15 Lindsay 33.2, 52.6 5 Dipsy, Flipsy, Flufftail
Searing Gorge Horde 15 Kortas Darkhammer 35.4, 27.8 15 Garnestrasz, Obsidion, Veridia
Swamp of Sorrows Horde 15 Everessa 76.6, 41.6 16 Anklor, Croaker, Dampwing
Westfall Alliance 15 Old MacDonald 60.8, 18.6 3 Clucks, Foe Reaper 800, Teensy

Kalimdor Edit

Zone Faction NPC Location Pet level Pets
Ashenvale Horde 15 Analynn 20.2, 29.6 5 Flutterby, Mister Pinch, Oozer
Desolace Horde 15 Merda Stronghoof 57.2, 45.8 9 Ambershell, Bounder, Rockhide
Dustwallow Marsh Horde 15 Grazzle the Great 53.8, 74.8 14 Blaze, Firetooth, Flameclaw
Felwood Alliance 15 Zoltan 40.0, 56.6 16 Beamer, Hatewalker, Ultramus
Feralas Horde 15 Traitor Gluk 59.6, 49.6 13 Glimmer, Prancer, Rasp
Moonglade Alliance 15 Elena Flutterfly 46.0, 60.6 17 Lacewing, Willow, Beacon
Northern Barrens Alliance 15 Dagra the Fierce 58.6, 53.0 3 Longneck, Ripper, Springtail
Southern Barrens Alliance 15 Cassandra Kaboom 39.6, 79.2 11 Cluckatron, Gizmo, Whirls
Stonetalon Mountains Horde 15 Zonya the Sadist 59.6, 71.6 7 Acidous, Constrictor, Odoron
Thousand Needles Alliance 15 Kela Grimtotem 31.8, 32.8 15 Cho'guana, Indigon, Plague

Outland Edit

Zone NPC Location Pet level Pets
Hellfire Peninsula Nicki Tinytech 64.4, 49.2 20 ED-005, Goliath, Sploder
Nagrand Narrok 61.0, 49.4 22 Stompy, Prince Wart, Dramaticus
Shattrath City Morulu the Elder 59.0, 70.0 23 Chomps, Gnasher, Cragmaw
Zangarmarsh Ras’an 17.2, 50.6 21 Fungor, Glitterfly, Tripod

Northrend Edit

Zone NPC Location Pet level Pets
Crystalsong Forest Nearly Headless Jacob 50.2, 59.0 25 Mort, Spooky Strangler, Stitch
Dragonblight Okrut Dragonwaste 59.0, 77.0 25 Drogar, Sleet, Rot
Howling Fjord Beegle Blastfuse 28.6, 33.8 25 Dinner, Gobbles, Warble
Zul'Drak Gutretch 13.2, 66.8 25 Blight, Cadavus, Fleshrender

Cataclysm Edit

Zone NPC Location Pet level Pets
Deepholm Bordin Steadyfist 49.8, 57.0 25 Crystallus, Fracture, Ruby
Mount Hyjal Brok 61.4, 32.8 25 Kali, Incinderous, Ashtail
Twilight Highlands Goz Banefury 56.6, 56.8 25 Amythel, Helios, Twilight

Others Edit

During the Darkmoon Faire, you can talk to Jeremy Feasel to get a daily quest to defeat him in a pet battle.

Zone NPC Location Pet level Pets
Darkmoon Island Jeremy Feasel 47.8, 62.6 25 Fezwick, Honky-Tonk, Judgement

Grand Master Pet Tamers Edit

Once you have defeated all of the Master Pet Tamers in an area, you will unlock another quest to defeat the Grand Master Pet Tamer in that particular area. In Pandaria, the quest is to defeat multiple Grand Master Pet Tamers there. When you complete that quest, it unlocks the Grand Master Aki quest and the Pandaren Spirit Tamer quest, in addition to the Beasts of Fable quest, which is to defeat the Legendary Battle Pets of Pandaria.

List of Grand Master Pet Tamers Edit

Pandarian Tamers Edit

Zone NPC Location Pet level Pets
Dread Wastes Wastewalker Shu 55.0, 37.6 25 Crusher, Mutilator, Pounder
Jade Forest Hyuna of the Shrines 48.0, 54.0 25 Dor the Wall, Fangor, Skyshaper
Krasarang Wilds Mo’ruk 62.2, 45.8 25 Woodcarver, Needleback, Lightstalker
Kun-Lai Summit Courageous Yon 35.8, 73.6 25 Bleat, Lapin, Piqua
Townlong Steppes Seeker Zusshi 36.2, 52.2 25 Diamond, Mollus, Skimmer
Vale of Eternal Blossoms Aki the Chosen 31.2, 74.2 25 Chirrup, Stormlash, Whiskers
Valley of the Four Winds Farmer Nishi 46.0, 43.6 25 Brood of Mothallus, Siren, Toothbreaker

Pandarian Spirit Tamers Edit

Zone NPC Location Pet level Pets
Dread Wastes Flowing Pandaren Spirit 61.2, 87.6 25 Tiptoe, Marley, Pandaren Water Spirit
Jade Forest Whispering Pandaren Spirit 28.8, 36.0 25 Dusty, Pandaren Air Spirit, Whispertail
Townlong Steppes Burning Pandaren Spirit 57.0, 42.2 25 Crimson, Glowy, Pandaren Fire Spirit
Vale of Eternal Blossoms Thundering Pandaren Spirit 64.8, 93.6 25 Darnak the Tunneler, Pandaren Earth Spirit, Sludgy

Draenor Edit

Zone NPC Location Pet level Pets
Frostfire Ridge Gargra 68.6, 64.6 25 Fangra, Wolfgar, Wolfus
Gorgrond Cymre Brightblade 51.0, 70.6 25 Gyrexle, the Eternal Mechanic, Idol of Decay, Wishbright Lantern
Nagrand Tarr the Terrible 56.2, 9.8 25 Gladiator Deathy, Gladiator Murkalot, Gladiator Murkimus
Shadowmoon Valley Ashlei 50.0, 31.2 25 Doodle, Pixiebell, Tally
Spires of Arak Vesharr 46.2, 45.4 25 The Great Kaliri, Apexis Guardian, Darkwing
Talador Taralune 49.0, 80.4 25 Atonement, Grace, Serendipity

Others Edit

Zone NPC Location Pet level Pets
Darkmoon Island Cristoph VonFeasel 47.4, 62.2 25 Mr. Pointy, Otto, Syd
Deadwind Pass Lydia Accoste 40.2, 76.6 25 Bishibosh, Nightstalker, Jack
Icecrown Major Payne 77.4, 19.6 25 Grizzle, Beakmaster X-225, Bloom
Shadowmoon Valley Bloodknight Antari 30.6, 41.8 25 Arcanus, Jadefire, Netherbite
Uldum Obalis 56.6, 41.8 25 Clatter, Pyth, Spring
Winterspring Stone Cold Trixxy 65.6, 64.6 19 Frostmaw, Blizzy, Tinygos

Celestial Tournament Edit

During the Celestial Tournament, the NPCs you battle do not have titles of pet tamers, but they are very similar to the Grand Master Pet Tamers. They each have three Legendary pets at level 25. The only difference with the Celestial Tournament is that it is a special battle pet scenario where you fight a random group of three tamers which resets each week. Additionally, you cannot heal or revive any of your pets between battles. The Celestial Tournament is unlocked on the Timeless Isle once you have completed the achievement, Money achievement Pro Pet Group, which is to raise 15 battle pets to level 25.

Celestial Tournament Tamers Edit

NPC Pets
Blingtron 4000 Au, Banks, Lil' B
Chen Stormstout Chirps, Tonsa, Brewly
Dr. Ion Goldbloom Chaos, Screamer, Trike
Lorewalker Cho Knowledge, Patience, Wisdom
Shademaster Kiryn Nairn, Stormoen, Summer
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary Monte, Rikki, Socks
Taran Zhu Bolo, Li, Yen
Wise Mari Carpe Diem, River, Spirus
Wrathion Cindy, Alex, Dah'da

Garrison Menagerie Edit

In your garrison in Draenor, you can build a Menagerie once your garrison is level 3 and you have completed the Pets Versus Pets quest. At level 1, it attracts an elite pet or group of pets that you can battle each day with either the daily quest Horde 15 Scrappin' or Alliance 15 Battle Pet Roundup, to get Pet Charms. When your Menagerie is level 3, which requires the achievement Money achievement Draenic Pet Battler, to win 150 pet battles in Draenor, you will instead get the daily quest, Mastering the Menagerie, which instead rewards a Big Bag of Pet Supplies. It can contain Battle-Training Stones, Pet Charms, and a few battle pets.

Critters of Draenor Edit

Once your Menagerie is level 3, you can also sometimes be visited by one of the traveling pet tamers. These tamers, either Horde 15 Kura Thunderhoof or Alliance 15 Erris the Collector, depending on your faction, will give you a daily quest, Critters of Draenor, to defeat them in a pet battle. Unlike many other tamers, however, these two do not always have the same battle pets, and you cannot see which pets they have before entering the battle. However, Wowhead posts the three pets for the day in the box on the right labeled "Today in Draenor", under the title "Critters of Draenor" if you want to find out. There may not be a traveling pet tamer at your garrison every day, but if you travel to someone else's garrison who does have one, you can still complete the daily quest for that day.

Critters of Draenor Teams Edit

External links Edit


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