Grand Marshal's Pursuit is a 5 piece armor set available as part of the PvP Honor Rewards.


Male Night Elf wearing complete "Grand Marshal's Pursuit"

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The Grand Marshal's Pursuit items were sold by Captain Dirgehammer in the Champions' Hall in Stormwind.  They were purchased using honor points and marks of honor.

Slot Cost
Chest 13219 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Arathi basin mark of honor
Head 12852 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Alterac valley mark of honor
Hands 8078 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Alterac valley mark of honor
Legs 12852 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Warsong gulch mark of honor
Shoulders 8078 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Arathi basin mark of honor
Total 55079 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Warsong gulch mark of honor50 Arathi basin mark of honor50 Alterac valley mark of honor

Stats Edit

Piece Armor Agility Stamina Intellect Attack Power Crit Rating Resilience Sockets Bonus
Hands40721316201114 Increases damage of Multi-shot by 4%
Total2648103176471106886UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowIncreases damage of Multi-shot by 4%;

(2) Set: +35 Resilience.

(4) Set: Reduces the cooldown of Concussive Shot by 1 sec.

Items Edit

Grand Marshal's Pursuit
Inv gauntlets 11
Inv helmet 09
Inv pants mail 15
Inv shoulder 29
Inv chest chain 11

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