Gorvold the Looter was a Vrykul Captain of the Winterskorn clan who was buried at Shield Hill, located in the Howling Fjord of Northrend.


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A member of the Winterskorn clan, Gorvold served in the rank of captain and ventured from Northrend to Stormheim where he planned on entering the Halls of Valor. His journey took him to Shield's Rest and entered the Tomb of the Old Kings. There he found the shrine to Tyr's champion, but was denied entry to the halls. He tried many times, until he could bear the pain no longer. He returned in disgrace and sought to wash away his failure in the blood of others.


Icon Legion 18x18 This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

During the Legion Invasions, Gorvald was buried at Shield Hill and was summoned as a spirit by Orik Trueheart, Tahu Sagewind, and the future Highlord of the Silver Hand. After explaining his failures on what had happened to him in life, Gorvold returned to his rest and would not be disgraced no more.

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