Achievement dungeon ulduar77 10man Neutral 15 Good Grief 10 Money achievement
Defeat the Combat 15 Maiden of Grief in the Halls of Stone on Heroic Difficulty in 1 minute or less.

Good Grief is a Lich King heroic achievement needed for the Glory of the Hero achievement, rewarding the Reins of the Red Proto-Drake.


Maiden of Grief has approximately 431,400 HP. To kill her in 60 seconds requires that the group must be doing at least 7,190 average total DPS during the encounter. (DPS should not go below 2054, tank should not go below 1027) If your group has mediocre gear on some people this probably will not happen. During her mass stun it is advised that all party members jump into a void zone towards the end of the cast so that only one tick of the damage from inside of it will break the stun and they can continue without issue.

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