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Neutral 32 Gogger
Boulderslide Cavern
Boulderslide Cavern
Race(s)IconSmall Kobold Kobold
Base of operationsBoulderslide Cavern, Boulderslide Ravine
Theater of operationsStonetalon Mountains

The Goggers are a group of kobolds found at Boulderslide Ravine.

They're frantically mining a rare crystal called Resonite. The crystals have a trace of earthen magic.[1]

Deep inside Boulderslide Cavern, the Goggers have dug deep uncovering a Resonite Cask, which houses a slumbering earthen by the name of Goggeroc.[2]




The name "Goggeroc" is very similiar to "Gogger", so some connection may exist between them.

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