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A type of schematic that requires skill within Goblin Engineering proficiency. Goblin Engineering schematics are taught by Engineering trainers, given as a reward for completing an Engineering quest, found as loot or purchased from a vendor.

Goblin Engineering schematics Edit

Goblin Engineering proficiency can be trained as early as level 35 and 200 skill and permits access to the following schematics:

Skill Item Mining Materials Components Schematic Source
205 [Goblin Construction Helmet] 1 [Citrine]
8 [Mithril Bar]
4 [Elemental Fire] Engineering trainer
205 [Goblin Mining Helmet] 1 [Citrine]
8 [Mithril Bar]
4 [Elemental Fire] Engineering trainer
205 [Goblin Mortar] 4 [Mithril Bar] 1 [Elemental Fire]
1 [Gold Power Core]
2 [Mithril Tube]
5 [Solid Blasting Powder]
Engineering trainer
205 [Recipe: Goblin Rocket Fuel] - 1 [Blank Parchment]
1 [Engineer's Ink]
Engineering trainer
205 [Goblin Sapper Charge] - 1 [Mageweave Cloth]
3 [Solid Blasting Powder]
1 [Unstable Trigger]
Engineering trainer
205 [Pet Bombling] 6 [Mithril Bar] 1 [Big Iron Bomb]
1 [Fused Wiring]
1 [Heart of Fire]
The Pledge of Secrecy
Membership Card Renewal
225 [Goblin Rocket Boots] - 1 [Black Mageweave Boots]
2 [Goblin Rocket Fuel]
4 [Heavy Leather]
2 [Mithril Tube]
1 [Unstable Trigger]
Engineering trainer
230 [Goblin Bomb Dispenser] 6 [Truesilver Bar] 2 [Accurate Scope]
2 [Mithril Casing]
4 [Solid Blasting Powder]
1 [Unstable Trigger]
Engineering trainer
235 [The Big One] - 1 [Goblin Rocket Fuel]
1 [Mithril Casing]
6 [Solid Dynamite]
1 [Unstable Trigger]
Engineering trainer
240 [Goblin Dragon Gun] 6 [Truesilver Bar]
6 [Mithril Bar]
4 [Goblin Rocket Fuel]
2 [Mithril Tube]
1 [Unstable Trigger]
Engineering trainer
245 [Goblin Rocket Helmet] 4 [Mithril Bar] 1 [Goblin Construction Helmet]
4 [Goblin Rocket Fuel]
1 [Unstable Trigger]
Engineering trainer
260 [Dimensional Ripper - Everlook] 2 [Star Ruby]
10 [Mithril Bar]
4 [Heart of Fire]
1 [The Big One]
1 [Truesilver Transformer]
Neutral 15Zap Farflinger in Everlook, Winterspring
265 [Goblin Jumper Cables XL] 2 [Star Ruby] 2 [Fused Wiring]
2 [Ironweb Spider Silk]
2 [Thorium Widget]
2 [Truesilver Transformer]
Boss drop from:
Plugger Spazzring in Blackrock Depths

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