Orc peons shuffle about Go'shek Farm.

Go'Shek Farm is a farmstead

  1. REDIRECT Template:Map/Coords in the southeastern part of the Arathi Highlands near Witherbark Village.


Guards: IconSmall Orc Male Hammerfall Grunt

Hints of a New PlagueEdit

This once-human farmstead was occupied by orcs and Forsaken from Hammerfall some time after Third War. Since then, the Forsaken have been using this village as test ground for their mysterious alchemical experiments. The orcs seem to be using it for supplies to Hammerfall.

Two agents of the Alliance, Quae and Kinelory, were sent to investigate this issue and with help of some adventurers have first stopped a Forsaken courier travelling to Tarren Mill, and then discovered within the village notes and research of Apothecary Jorell. It seems the apothecary was working on some new kind of Plague.

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