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Icon-woweu-22x22 Gnorog
RoleGerman Community Representative
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Gnorog on a trip (Red Bull Energy-drink)

Gnorog Comic small

Gnorog in a Shakes&Fidget comic

Gnorog is the loveable Furbolg-avatared Community Representative of the German WoW-Community. He joined the Community Team in 2005 and Alongside with Aeus he was responsible for the "Hug-A-CM"-day in 2006 and some other Threads for mostly fun purpose(like the memorable "Help, Vaneck stole my loincloth when he said he'd enchant it!!11").

He is a rather discussive Blizz-employee, as he was seen debating with players on various topics such as Gamemasterjobs and other issues.

His mainchar pre-BC was a dwarf hunter, lately he's been playing his nightelf druid and his rogue(for PvP mainly).


Icon-shortcutSee also: Blizzard forum poster

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