The Gnarlpines are a corrupted furbolg tribe that dwells atop the great world tree of Teldrassil. Though originally peaceful, the insidious effects of Fel Moss has caused the Gnarlpines to go berserk and attack their their former allies, the night elves. As well as occupying Gnarlpine Hold and their other traditional villages in the south and west of Teldrassil, the Gnarlpines have also invaded Ban'ethil Barrow Den and Starbreeze Village, driving out or slaying the local inhabitants.

The most dangerous of these corrupted feral beasts includes Ferocitas the Dream Eater, Ursal the Mauler, Grimmaw and Uruson. They are led by Ursal the Mauler[1][2] and *Ferocitas the Dream Eater.




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