The Glyphed Armor set is a collection of blue-colored cloth items. They are not considered to be a true set and there are no bonuses gain if you wear more than one or all of the items in this set.

Details Edit

All items are found as a World Drop
Requirements to wear complete set
Character level 36

Set Items Edit

Item Min Level Armor Rating Block Stamina Strength Agility Intellect Spirit
Inv chest leather 07 [Glyphed Breastplate] 36 113 4 15
Inv pants 13 [Glyphed Leggings] 35 96 11 10
Inv shield 10 [Glyphed Buckler] 34 728 16 4 7
Inv shoulder 25 [Glyphed Epaulets] 34 81 8 8
Inv boots 08 [Glyphed Boots] 34 75 4 10
Inv helmet 13 [Glyphed Helm] 34 88 6 6 6
Inv gauntlets 14 [Glyphed Mitts] 33 66 8 7
Inv belt 15 [Glyphed Belt] 33 60 6 6 5
Inv bracer 09 [Glyphed Bracers] 32 46 4 6
Inv chest cloth 14 [Glyphed Cloak] 32 24 2 7


The set combined provides the wearer with 1357 Armor, 16 Block, 16 Strength, 35 Stamina, 35 Agility, 23 Intellect, and 41 Spirit, making the various pieces good choices for any leather-wearing class. However, while the broad range of attribute bonuses could be favorable for any leather wearer, the inclusion in the set of a buckler (unusable by Druids, Hunters, or Rogues) indicates that the complete set is probably intended for the Shaman. Further, if one were to follow the color dichotomy of the factions, the set could be said to be intended for Draenei Shaman. Still, the set looks pleasant on and functions well for members of any race or leather-wearing class. Finally, given that the pieces drop from various mid-level mobs in most contested territories, making the set available (if found) to anyone able to wear it, it is much less likely that the set was designed to be worn all together, but is rather yet another piecemeal collection for lower-level characters.