Inv chest plate03

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This item is a very rare world drop from level 55-60 NPCs, primarily elites. The best way in game to farm these pieces is to run Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj while clearing every trash mob in the instance.

Random enchantments Edit

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of Fire Resistance +27-28 Fire Resistance
of the Whale +17-18 Stamina, +17-18 Spirit
of Holy Wrath +39-40 Holy Spell Damage
of Shadow Resistance +27-28 Shadow Resistance
of the Gorilla +17-18 Intellect, +17-18 Strength
of the Boar +17-18 Strength, +17-18 Spirit
of Frost Resistance +27-28 Frost Resistance
of the Eagle +17-18 Intellect, +17-18 Stamina
of Stamina +27-28 Stamina
of Power +54-56 Attack Power
of Arcane Resistance +27-28 Arcane Resistance
of the Bear +17-18 Stamina, +17-18 Strength
of Nature Resistance +27-28 Nature Resistance
of the Tiger +17-18 Strength, +17-18 Agility
of Strength +27-28 Strength
of the Monkey +17-18 Stamina, +17-18 Agility

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  • This armor item is VERY sought after for transmogrification, due to the exposure of it on female characters. Items with the same model can sell on the auction house for around 1000g for transmogrification.

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