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Image:Glaivethrower.gif|Night elf glaive thrower
Image:Glaivethrower.gif|Night elf glaive thrower
Image:Glaive thrower.jpg|Glaive thrower in World of Warcraft
Image:Glaive thrower.jpg|Glaive thrower in World of Warcraft
File:Red Glaive Thrower.jpg|Pilot-able in World of Warcraft

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For the Warcraft III unit, see Glaive Thrower (Warcraft III).

Glaive throwers are ballista type siege weapons that throw glaives (a three bladed disk) at enemy forces. Generally used by members of the various elven races, they have been handy at fighting enemy forces of the night elves, blood elves, and even Alliance.

Glaive thrower (blood elves)Edit

The blood elf glaive thrower helped the blood elves try to stop Arthas as he was trying to activate the Icecrown obelisks to free the Lich King from the Frozen Throne in Warcraft III. It is a siege weapon unit that has a long range, built in the blood elven barracks. The blood elves glaive throwers are an upgrade to the high elven ballista.

Glaive thrower (night elves)Edit

Night elves upgraded their ballistae into glaive throwers as well. They continue to use them to this day.

Glaive throwers in World of WarcraftEdit

Main article: Glaive Thrower (Isle of Conquest)

Glaive throwers and their ammo are scattered all over the World of Warcraft. They are often found in Kalimdor and can be seen in such places as Ashenvale and Silithus.

They are usable on the Isle of Conquest as of Patch 3.2.[1]

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