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Gladiator's Greatsword was an epic two-handed sword reward from the Arena PvP System.


NPC Location
Neutral 15 Vixton Pinchwhistle <Arena Vendor> Area 52, Netherstorm
Alliance 15 Captain O'Neal <Weapons Quartermaster> Champions' Hall
Horde 15 Sergeant Thunderhorn <Weapons Quartermaster> Hall of Legends

Cost - 27,000 Pvpcurrency-honor-both40 Alterac valley mark of honor.


Kalgan (A blizzard designer) has a level 70 PvP warrior named Proximo.

The sword is indicated to be built to "Proximo's specification" in the item description. Proximo was the slave trader/former gladiator who bought Maximus and trained him as a gladiator, in the movie "Gladiator".

The Sword of a Thousand Truths has a caption along the lines of this one.

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