Glacial Set

Human male wearing the Glacial armor

An item collection, this was not a true set. There are no bonuses if you wear more than one or all of the items in this collection. This Collection was designed primarily for players who were raiding the frost damage-oriented Naxxramas (original).

When Naxxramas was upgraded for Wrath of the Lich King with the release of patch 3.0.2, the items in this set became unavailable. The items in this set which were mob drops have been replaced by upgraded items, and the recipes can no longer be created due to the removal of required items such as Frozen Runes.


Made by
Tailoring, Quests and Naxxramas (original) drops
Primary Materials Required
Primary Stats
  • Stamina
  • Frost Resistance
  • Spell Damage
Glacial Cloth Items
Item Armor Rating Stamina Intellect Frost Resistance +Dmg From
[Glacial Cloak] 61 18 0 24 0 Tailors or NPC
[Glacial Gloves] 76 22 0 30 15 Tailors or NPC
[Glacial Headdress] 102 20 21 40 18 Drop
[Glacial Leggings] 106 28 0 40 18 NPC
[Glacial Mantle] 94 18 0 33 16 Drop
[Glacial Vest] 121 26 0 40 21 Tailors or NPC
[Glacial Wrists] 53 20 0 20 0 Tailors or NPC
Totals 613 152 21 227 88

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