Gil firebough

Gilthares held in his cell

Gilthares Firebough is a level 17 quest giver located in Northwatch Hold in the Horde-aligned territory of The Barrens. He was a deckhand on a moonshine transport between Ratchet and Booty Bay. The ship was sunk by Theramore zealots and Firebough, the only survivor, was captured and imprisoned in a tower at Northwatch Hold. He appears to be affiliated with an organization known as the Thalo'dan Privateers. He is friendly towards the Horde and the Alliance, although once the escort quest is started he becomes neutral to the Alliance—Thus allowing Alliance players to attack and kill him.

Firebough begins Horde 15 [20] Free From the Hold Quest Avail 16x16.


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It is interesting to note that, though apparently a high elf and not a blood elf, he wears an abundance of red, which is a practice usually avoided by high elves. The reason for this may be because he is not a part of the Alliance and therefore is not afraid of wearing red clothes. He also expresses open hostility to the Alliance due to his enslavement.

However before the Burning Crusade his old model was the commonly associated model with the blood elves, so we could think that his current model is wrong and this NPC is actually a blood elf (as in the case of Astromancer Darnarian), although the same model is now used by Quel'dorei Wraiths, which are high elf ghosts in the Ghostlands.

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