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The Gilnean Citizen outfit is one of the most sought-after sets for worgen/human gilnean RPers, and has been since the release of 0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Cataclysm. To everyone’s misfortune however, none of the pieces (besides the top hat) are obtainable in-game.[1] The Gilneans fled their home with little more than the clothes on their back. Everything that was high-society Gilnean fashion was lost except a few pairs of dress robes. [2]

As a result, we are limited to using our resources to produce something somewhat tolerable as we seek out this appearance.


The sadly never-implemented Embroidered Shirt

Head Edit


Shirt Edit


The picture shown uses the Tuxedo pieces, as opposed to the Haliscan jacket

Chest Edit


Tabard Edit

Though I prefer to wear none, you can always show your patriotism wearing the Inv misc tabard gilneas [Gilneas Tabard]

Back Edit

or you can also show your patriotism wearing this:

Belt Edit

Legs Edit


Feet Edit


Swords Edit

Gun Edit


Pets Edit

  • If you're a hunter, your best option is to tame one of the many Mastiffs from Gilneas. For those non-hunter out there, you can always get a Fox companion that drops from any Baradin Fox in Tol Barad Peninsula.

References Edit

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