Gift of the Observer Close

The Gift of the Observer closed.

Gift of the Observer Open

The Gift of the Observer opened.

Gift of the Observer can be found in Ulduar. You must defeat Algalon the Observer in order to access this object.

Content Edit

Inv jewelry ring 68
Inv chest plate20
Spell shadow seedofdestruction
Inv misc cape 06
Inv gauntlets 54
Achievement dungeon ulduarraid misc 04
Inv jewelry ring 70
Inv shoulder 31
Inv jewelry necklace 42
Inv gauntlets 70
Inv shoulder 49
Inv belt 48a
Inv boots cloth 21
Inv jewelry necklace 47
Inv pants leather 22
Spell arcane arcanetorrent

Inv helmet 92
Inv shield 67
Spell arcane starfire
Inv mace 91
Inv offhand ulduarraid d 03
Inv staff 93
Inv weapon shortblade 84
Inv pants plate 20
Inv gauntlets 61
Inv boots chain 08
Inv boots plate 06
Inv weapon crossbow 33
Inv bracer 26
Inv belt 40b
Inv weapon shortblade 92
Inv belt 46
Spell arcane arcanetorrent
Inv ingot titansteel red3030

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