Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Basic Melee: 3,000 damage on cloth.
  • Drunken Head Crack: A debuff placed on the target that dramatically increases melee damage taken. With the Drunken Head Crack debuff, the tank will become unable to evade, block or parry and each melee attack from the Ghostly Steward can hit him for numbers in the 4000's.
  • Enrage: These mobs enrage at 20% health.
  • Immune to Taunt


These mobs come in pairs, and are generally both tanked. They are immune to stuns, hunter traps, shackle and taunt so let the main tanks get enough aggro before you attack.

Make sure to assign dedicated healers to both tanks. When they apply their debuff, these healers (and any unassigned ones) immediately have to overheal the respective tank since the damage caused on him will become murderously high.

The Stewards will usually do an emote when they apply this debuff, so stand close enough and watch out for speech bubbles to see your cue for when to start overhealing.

A Hunter's Scorpid Sting may be used to decrease the amount of damage that the Steward does.

They are vulnerable to disarm.


Reputation: Provides 15 reputation with The Violet Eye.


Special That was wasted on the likes of you!
Special How dare you spill the master's wine!
Special That was a 200 year old Puppelyvos Port!
Death Wait--no! No!

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