This page documents a user-defined API that is provided by third-party addons.
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GetAuctionBuyout is an API proposed by Tekkub as a standard for getting auction house buyout price recommendations from addons that are so capable.

Here's a possible implementation that assumes you have an internal function call MyGetAuctionPriceByItemName.

   local origGetAuctionBuyout = GetAuctionBuyout;
   function GetAuctionBuyout(item)		-- Tekkub's API
     local sellval;
     if (type(item) == "string" and MyGetAuctionPriceByItemName(item)) then
         sellval = MyGetAuctionPriceByItemName(item);
     if (sellval == nil) then
         local name = GetItemInfo(item);
         if (name and MyGetAuctionPriceByItemName(name)) then
             sellval = MyGetAuctionPriceByItemName(name);
     if (sellval) then
          return sellval;
     if (origGetAuctionBuyout) then
          return origGetAuctionBuyout(item);
     return nil;

GetAuctionBuyout is supported by:

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