The subject of this article or section is specific to the Arena Tournament realms. This content is not available on normal gameplay realms.

The General Goods Vendor sells reagents, potions, soul shards and other general-purpose items useful to players on the Arena Tournament realms.


General Goods
[Flintweed Seed]50SilverReagent
[Arcane Powder]10SilverReagent
[Symbol of Divinity]20SilverReagent
[Sacred Candle]10SilverReagent
[Wild Quillvine]15SilverReagent
[Symbol of Kings]30SilverReagent
[Infernal Stone]50SilverReagent
[Flash Powder]25CopperReagent
[Heavy Netherweave Bandage]1Gold 20SilverCombat
[Bladespire Bagel]80SilverFood
[Super Healing Potion]2GoldCombat
[Super Mana Potion]2GoldCombat
[Soul Shard]Reagent
[Star's Tears]25SilverWater
[Clefthoof Ribs]80GoldFood
[Telaari Grapes]80GoldFood
[Reins of the Black War Tiger]Mount
[Horn of the Black War Wolf]Mount
[Shiny Fish Scales]30CopperReagent
[Fish Oil]30CopperReagent
[Light Feather]30CopperReagent
[Wound Poison V]7SilverPoison
[Mysterious Arrow]1GoldAmmo
[Mysterious Shell]1GoldAmmo

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