Inv letter 12


This item is a quest reward from Neutral 15 [70] Membership Benefitsω τ ϖ.


The bag has a chance to contain 2-4 of the following gems:

Name Amount Type Drop %
[Flame Spessarite] 1-3 Orange Gem 42
[Shadow Draenite] 1-3 Purple Gem 41
[Deep Peridot] 1-3 Green Gem 40
[Blood Garnet] 1-3 Red Gem 39
[Golden Draenite] 1-3 Yellow Gem 39
[Azure Moonstone] 1-3 Blue Gem 39
[Living Ruby] 1 Red Gem 3
[Star of Elune] 1 Blue Gem 2
[Talasite] 1 Green Gem 2
[Dawnstone] 1 Yellow Gem 2
[Noble Topaz] 1 Orange Gem 2
[Nightseye] 1 Purple Gem 1.8

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