Gelkis Village

Gelkis Village

Gelkis Village [35, 81]
is located just to the east and slightly south of Shadowprey Village in southwestern Desolace. It is the principal village of the Gelkis clan of centaur, and is situated in a ring around a large ravine. A cluster of cliffs and bluffs in the ravine are connected by a series of bridges and lead to a cave in the southern mountain face of Desolace. The Gelkis Khan resides within this cave. The entire village is directly adjacent to Desolace's main north-south road and is thus a hazard for many travelers. The seer Uthek the Wise has realized the importance of allies and has temporarily set aside racial prejudice, recruiting adventurers from the world over to aid in the battle with the Gelkis clan's mortal enemy: the Magram centaur clan. She will reward anyone who proves themselves to the Gelkis.

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