Geen is a gorloc living in Sholazar Basin.[55, 56]


<Oracles Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly [Design: Vivid Dark Jade] 2Gold Jewelcrafting (350)
[Oracle Secret Solution] 32Silver Consumable
Honored [Slow-Roasted Eel] 1Gold 60Silver Food & Drink
Revered [Design: Sundered Forest Emerald] 4Gold Jewelcrafting (390)
[Fishy Cinch] 14Gold 47Silver 77Copper Cloth Waist
[Glimmershell Shoulder Protectors] 35Gold 37Silver 50Copper Plate Shoulder
[Glitterscale Wrap] 16Gold 49Silver 60Copper Leather Waist
[Gold Star Spaulders] 35Gold 24Silver 12Copper Plate Shoulder
[Sharkjaw Cap] 30Gold 14Silver 94Copper Mail Head
[Shinygem Rod] 49Gold 87Silver 12Copper Wand
[Toothslice Helm] 30Gold 3Silver 76Copper Mail Head
[Mysterious Egg] 3Gold Various
Exalted [Oracle Talisman of Ablution] 42Gold 93Silver 75Copper Trinket

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