Gatewatcher Iron-Hand is a named mo'arg in Tempest Keep within The Mechanar's right side wing.

To open the elevator door (leading to layer two), you need to defeat him and Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill.

Fight Edit

  • When his arms glow like show magic you should avoid him (He'll raise his hand in the air and announce it) - It's the warning for jackhammer. Everyone including the tank should move out for a few seconds (he should be remain rooted in place while doing this). Other than that just DPS him hard.

Attacks and abilities Edit

  • Shadow Power: Enrages glowing red, 100% attack speed increase. This buff can and should be dispelled by Shaman's purge.
  • Jack Hammer: Does an AoE centered on himself hitting for around 1000-1500 on regular and about 2500 on Heroic around 8 times in a short time. He stops moving when he does this, so all you have to do is run away to avoid it.
  • Poison: Has a poison ability that reduces attack speed and armor by 35%. appears to be a frontal cone

Loot Edit

Normal and Heroic drop:
Inv misc gem bloodgem 03
  • Jagged Red Crystal
  • Unique
  • Use: Create a Cache of the Legion Key by combining a Jagged Blue Crystal and Jagged Red Crystal.

Quotes Edit


  • You have approximately five seconds to live.

Jack Hammer:

  • With the precise angle and velocity...

Killing a player:

  • A foregone conclusion.


  • My calculations did not...

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