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Neutral 32Garshilan
Dragon nopic
Gender Male
Race(s) Red dragon
Character class Fighter (deprecated), Warrior, Sorcerer (deprecated), Mage (RPG); Warmage (presumed)
Affiliation Red dragonflight
Position Commander of the forces guarding Grim Batol
Location Grim Batol (last known)
Status Unknown

Garshilan is an adult male red dragon stationed at Grim Batol following the Battle of Grim Batol. He is charged with leading the red dragonspawn patroling the region. This draconic warrior-mage is assisted in his duties by the members of the red flight under his command, such as the ambitious young red dragon Acridistrasz and the dragonspawn flametongue Baleflame.[1]

Several years afterwards the red dragonflight guardians of Grim Batol began to fall ill, some dying, others going mad and needing to be put down by their brothers and sisters. The red flight then abandonded Grim Batol.[2] Garshilan's fate is unknown.

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