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Warlords-Logo-Small This article concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

A Building is an accent structure (with NPCs and objects or fixed devices) exclusive to the Garrison system that is tied to a specific size of plot. There are three plot sizes: small, medium, and large. Garrison buildings allow access to a variety of different functions related to mounts, pet battles, professions, and more. To get the most out of some buildings, you can assign a related follower to work in them. There are Official alliance mini-icon and Official horde mini-icon skins for each building, but they function the same.

All garrisons start with a Ui promotion garrisons Town Hall as a base that improves as the garrison levels.

All buildings are available in three levels, but the Town Hall can only level with the garrison as a whole.

Buildings Edit

Small Buildings Edit

  • Trade alchemy Alchemy Lab - Allows for alchemy related work orders and generates reagents.
  • Trade engraving Enchanter's Study - Allows players to disenchant items, convert and generate enchanting reagents.
  • Trade engineering Engineering Works - Allows players to create engineering items, generates engineering reagents.
  • Trade blacksmithing The Forge - Allows players to create blacksmithing items, generates blacksmithing reagents.
  • Inv misc gem 01 Gem Boutique - Allows players to create jewelcrafting items, generates jewel crafting reagents.
  • Garrison building salvageyard Salvage Yard - Unlocks transmog-able items, chance to find special loot in follower missions.
  • Inv inscription tradeskill01 Scribe's Quarters - Allows players to create inscription items, generates inscription reagents
  • Achievement guildperk mobilebankingGarrison building storehouse Storehouse - Access to personal, guild banks, transmogrification and void storage vendors.
  • Trade tailoring Tailoring Emporium - Allows players to create tailoring items, generates tailoring reagents.
  • Inv misc armorkit 17 The Tannery - Allows players to create leatherworking items, generates leatherworking reagents.

Medium Buildings Edit

Large Buildings Edit

  • Garrison building barracks Barracks - Allows for more followers for each building level, unlocks bodyguards.
  • Garrison building armory Dwarven Bunker (Official alliance mini-icon) / War Mill (Official horde mini-icon) - Bonus rolls on raid drops, transmogrification sets, follower upgrades.
  • Garrison building workshop Gnomish Gearworks (Official alliance mini-icon) / Goblin Workshop (Official horde mini-icon) - Grants one Siege engine each day, other craft able items.
  • Garrison building magetower Mage Tower (Official alliance mini-icon) / Spirit Lodge (Official horde mini-icon) - Travel via portals throughout Draenor, occasional [Rune of Power] buffs.
  • Garrison building stables Stables - Collect and train special mounts, allows player to stay mounted while gathering profession materials, increases mount speed on Draenor.

Special Buildings Edit

The following buildings are located on reserved plots and are available to all players, regardless of their professions or garrison architecture choices.

  • Trade fishing Fishing Hut - Provides fishing dailies, Nat Pagle as a follower and a water strider mount.
  • Pet battle green paw 21x21Garrison building menagerie Pet Menagerie - Provides pet battle dailies.
  • APB Skill HerbalismInv misc herb sansamroot Herb Garden - Provides herb work orders and Draenor herbs each day, transmogrification farm equipment.
  • Trade mining Mine - Provides ore-related work orders and mineral nodes each day.

In Patch 6.2 Edit

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Patch changes Edit

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