Gappy Silvertooth is a goblin that is initially encountered along Swindle Street[39, 45.6] in Kezan. For the quest The New You he is willing to trade a [Stack of Macaroons] for some [Shiny Bling].

Later at Bilgewater Harbor[57.4, 48.8] in Azshara he functions as a vendor of some common rings.


Name iLvl Slot Cost
Inv jewelry ring 05 [Cubic Zirconia Ring]20Finger5Gold
Inv jewelry ring 10 [Flawless Diamond Solitaire]50Finger50Gold
Inv jewelry ring 07 [Miniscule Diamond Ring]40Finger25Gold
Inv jewelry ring 12 [Mood Ring]10Finger1Gold
Inv belt 33 [Silver Piffeny Band]30Finger10Gold
Inv jewelry ring 31 [The Rock]60Finger100Gold


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