Gallywix Rocketway Exchange

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The Exchange, with the Gallywix Pleasure Palace in the background.

The Gallywix Rocketway Exchange[25, 49] can be found near the east face of the rise which the Gallywix Pleasure Palace rests upon in Azshara. It is one of the hubs of the rocketway that stretches throughout the zone.


Travel connectionsEdit


Horde 15 Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange, Azshara
Horde 15 Northern Rocketway Terminus, Azshara
Horde 15 Northern Rocketway Exchange, Azshara
Horde 15 Southern Rocketway Terminus, Azshara


This particular hub of the rocketway does not appear on the map of the zone, nor does it register as existing when stepping into. However, it is listed as one of the stops when talking with a Bilgewater Rocket-jockey.

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