The Yacht as seen from Gallywix's Villa.

Gallywix's Yacht[21.6, 13.3]
is a goblin yacht docked near Gallywix's Villa in northwestern Bilgewater Port of Kezan. During the escape from Kezan, when the volcano erupts, Trade Prince Gallywix offers everyone a chance to survive... for a price.

During the initial phases of the zone, the Yacht is empty and there is no way to board it. It is only during the very last quest that players can launch themselves aboard, where they are greeted by almost every major character they encountered while questing through the initial areas.

After boarding, the goblins embark on a route that will take them away from their erupting island, only to fall prey to Alliance ships. The boat is destroyed off the coast of the Lost Isles, pieces of it washing ashore at Shipwreck Shore[27.9, 75.8]


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