The Gallant

The Gallant on the shore of Desolace.

The Gallant, once captained by Ulysses Rackmore now lies underwater in Sar'theris Strand near the shore of Desolace. The Gallant was on course to Feathermoon Stronghold with a shipment of supplies, when they were attacked by naga along the way. In fear of losing his most precious belongings, Captain Rackmore sailed to the nearest island and left his treasure chest behind. He gave one key to his first mate and kept the other for himself, both keys would soon be lost to more attacks.

Knowing the Gallant could not survive any more attacks Captain Rackmore and the last few surviving sailors abandoned the ship and set forth towards Nijel's Point.


  • Captain Rackmore and his men never made it to Nijel's Point, as he thought they would not and even said so in the logbook.


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