Gaerolas Talvethren, the Great Warden,[1] is a level 7 quest giver located in Starbreeze Village in the night elf starting area in Teldrassil. He is the chosen protector of the Sleeping.[2]

He starts the quest Alliance 15 [6] Gnarlpine Corruption.

According to Athridas Bearmantle, Gaerolas "serves as Great Warden to the hibernating Druids of the Talon in the Ban'ethil Barrow Den. His duty as the chosen protector of the Sleeping is to ensure their safety so that their pact with Ysera remains fulfilled."

In the quest "The Emerald Dreamcatcher", Tallonkai Swiftroot explains that Gaerolas gave him a powerful amulet that is able to siphon energy from the Emerald Dream, bestowing luck to anyone who carries it.

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