Furnan Skysoar

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AllianceNPCElite 32Furnan Skysoar
Furnan Skysoar
Title <Gryphon Master>
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 58 Elite
Affiliation Honor Hold
Location Terokkar Forest

Furnan Skysoar is a level 58 gryphon flight master located at Allerian Stronghold in the contested territory of Terokkar Forest. He is the only known dwarven gryphon master to not be of the Wildhammer clan.

See List of Terokkar Forest NPCs.

Facts about "Furnan Skysoar"RDF feed
GenderMale +
NPC factionAlliance +
NPC level58 +
RaceDwarf +
TitleGryphon Master +

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