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Furlbrow's Deed is provided for the quest Alliance 15 [9] Furlbrow's Deed.

Furlbrow's Deed as a quest objectiveEdit

This item is an objective of Alliance 15 [9] Furlbrow's Deed.


Furlbrow's Deed

This is a deed to an expanse of land within the region of Westfall. It entitles the persons below with ownership rights of the designated area, as well as all items produced and any structures built within its borders.

The document is signed by:

Theodore Furlbrow
Verna Furlbrow

[The words below were quickly scrawled on the back of the deed]

We leaned on Furlbrow and got his deed. Thought it might be handy if you wanted to forge one of these for your own place. The Furlbrows won't give us trouble. Last I saw them they were on their way out of Westfall, stuck with a broken wagon.

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