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This item is provided for Neutral 15 [28G] Fire Hardened Mailω τ ϖ.


In the following pages, you'll find a list of the materials necessary to make fire-hardened armor. Good luck, warrior.

-Furen Longbeard

Scorched Spider Fangs:

The incendicite ore that is found in a cave near the vicinity of Thelgen Rock has scorched the spiders that dwell there.

The venom in their fangs boils and reacts with the fangs themselves to create a very tough substance.

Charred Horns:

Much like the scorched spider fangs, the charred horns of the chimaera that reside in the Charred Vale, in the Stonetalon Mountains on Kalimdor, possess a much-prized quality.

Pounded flat and properly treated, they become extremely resilient to physical stress.

Galvanized Horn:

The rare galvanized horn's toughness is the lynchpin of the entire piece of armor I will create, and so it too must be procured.

It may be gained from the rare chimaera matriarch in the Charred Vale.

Vial of Phlogiston:

The last stage of creating the armor will require an extremely hot forge. To produce the needed level of heat I must have a vial of phlogiston.

The only known maker of this substance is the fabled Quilboar, Roogug, and he will not give it up without a fight. Roogug dwells deep in Razorfen Kraul in the southern Barrens.

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