This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The furbolgs are a popular race for a future expansion, with a number of possible class choices available:

The furbolgs in the night elf campaign refer to Elune and praise her, so it is likely that - as with the Kaldorei - some cult of Elune exists within furbolg society. Alternatively, their strong connection to Ursoc and Ursol, the bear demigods, would provide a perfect cult.

There are a number of reasons why a furbolg would become a rogue: avoiding corruption, adaption to their shadowy cave environment, guerrilla warfare (logical), stealth skills from hunting or tracking etc., use your imagination. In any case, this wouldn't be as stupid as it sounds: furbolgs are not actually an enormous race like the tauren, rather just around human/night elven height. They may be wide, but not too much more than an orc.

This is likely, due to the nature loving spirituality of the furbolgs, the presence of Rejuvenation and Faerie Fire as furbolg spells in Warcraft III and the use of the druidic Aquatic Form spell by a furbolg on Azuremyst Isle in World of Warcraft. Druidism would be particularly fitting if the furbolgs are included in an Emerald Dream Expansion.

Furbolgs have a long warrior tradition and many furbolgs with warrior-like abilities (such as using two-handed swords, having Berserker-like abilities etc.) currently exist within World of Warcraft.

The furbolg trapper is a unit in Warcraft III. This, combined with the hunter-gatherer society that the furbolgs exhibit indicates that hunting will be of great importance to furbolg culture.

This represents the corruption seeping from Felwood. The furbolgs aren't all a kind and nature-loving race, and some may prefer to go against the teachings of their totemic gods. Alternatively, the furbolg warlock may think that the only way to save their race is to willfully embrace the enemy as their allies. This works well, considering as many furbolgs were corrupted by the legion, and the Barkskin tribe fought against them at Mount Hyjal. This could have formed a unique link between the legion and furbolgs that the furbolgs learned to use in their favor (also leading to future story lines within a new expansion). The problem is in fitting them on felsteeds, though it is possible that a simple increase in the felsteed size may suffice.

The furbolgs are known to have a long shamanic tradition and a number of in-game shamans (one of which is even a shaman trainer), so it would be unreasonable not to give them the shaman class.

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