Fungalmancer Glop

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CombatMobElite 32Fungalmancer Glop
Gender Male
Race Stone trogg (Humanoid)
Level 83 Elite
Health 858,896
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Stone troggs
Location Fungal Deep, Deepholm
Relative(s) Glop (father), Glop (son)...
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Fungalmancer Glop is the leader of the stone troggs at Verlok Stand, found with his mushrooms deep within the Fungal Deep[68.6, 29] nearby. His magic is responsible for the disease spreading amongst the Fungal Behemoths.

Objective ofEdit


Item Source Use
Inv misc emberweaveclothbolt 01 [Embersilk Cloth] Drop IconSmall Tailoring [Tailoring]
IconSmall First Aid [First Aid]
IconSmall Engineering [Engineering]
Inv box 04 [Flame-Scarred Junkbox] [Pick Pocket] To open
Inv potion 24 [Rogue's Draught] [Pick Pocket] IconSmall Rogue Rogue consumable

Notes Edit

  • Glop can only be engaged (and, therefore, looted/pick pocketed) when players are on the aforementioned quests.
  • Glop is immune to snares and stuns.
  • Technically every time players encounter Glop on the daily quest he is actually the son of the Glop players previously killed.

Tips Edit

  • Glop can't be engaged until after Neutral 15 Earthmender Norsala walks down and talks to him. If you have a DoT or some kind of AoE over time, you could try to time it so Glop will take some damage before running off.
  • Rogues with daggers can use sprint to keep up a bit and [Backstab] Glop while he is running.

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