Frostwing Halls

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Frostwing Halls

Frostwing Halls just before the Frost Queen's lair

The Frostwing Halls is an area inside Icecrown Citadel where all the Frostbrood Dragonflight appear in. It is also the prison of Valithria Dreamwalker.

The Frostwing Halls opened on February 2, 2010, two weeks after the opening of the the Crimson Hall and two months after the opening of the Citadel.



This wing is actually divided into two parts: the upper area known as The Frostwing Halls, and the lower area known as Frostwing Halls. This is before it becomes The Frost Queen's Lair, as to why Blizzard did this is unknown, or simply an overlook.

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