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AllianceNPCElite 32Frostborn Scout
Frostborn Scout
Gender Male
Race Frostborn (Humanoid)
Level 79 - 80 Elite
Health 12,175 - 12,600
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bor's Breath & Bor's Fall, Storm Peaks
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The Frostborn Scouts are elite Frostborn dwarves located around Bor's Breath valley and Bor's Fall in Storm Peaks.



<The Frostborn Scout attempts to rise to his feet as you approach, but stumbles back to the ground, clenching an obviously pained wound on his side.>

Gossipgossipicon Are you okay? I've come to take you back to Frosthold if you can stand.

I don't think that's going to happen, <lad/lass>. I've lost a lot of blood... there's no way I'm making it back.

Gossipgossipicon I'm sorry that I didn't get here sooner. What happened?

A big pack of harpies came up from the valley. A big one named Sirana led them... I didn't have anywhere to escape. They haven't been this aggressive for a long time... I didn't expect it... I leet my guard down.... it's my own fault.

Gossipgossipicon I'll go get some help. Hang in there.

It's a little late... for that... <lad/lass>.
<The Frostborn Scout coughs up some blood on the snow.>
Get... that wench in charge for me...
<The Frostborn Scout slumps over as he breathes his last breath.>

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