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Frost Witch's Shoulderguards are the shoulder armor for the Enhancement Shaman Tier 10 set.

Shoveltusk Graphical EffectEdit

The Frost Witch's Shoulderguards have a special graphical effect when worn, much like the Warlock Tier 6 piece Hood of the Malefic. Randomly, two ghostly shoveltusks, looking similar to an Enhancement Shaman's Feral Spirit will appear from both sides of the shoulders and raise their heads before fading off. The effect is random and does not appear to be on a timer. The shoulders must be worn to see the effect. It is not tied to any other piece of Frost Witch's Battlegear. The effect scales with the player model, so it looks larger and more impressive with larger-shouldered characters such as male Orcs and male Draenei.

Beta ConfusionEdit

During the 3.3 Beta, the item's information panel had the following line:

"Equip: Periodically calls forth the spirits of the Shoveltusk to bolster the bearer's spirits in battle."

The line referred to the graphical effect. Some were confused about what it meant, and thought it might mean a buff. As a result of the confusion, the Equip line was ultimately removed, though the shoulders still do the effect.


They are purchasable from three vendors:

Jedebia for the Allliance and Vol'guk for the Horde, in side of Light's Hammer, within the Icecrown Citadel Raid (You must be part of a raid group to enter.)

Matilda Brightlink inside of Langrom's Leather & Links in Dalaran.

They cost 60 Emblems of Frost.

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