Frost revenants are revenants based around the elements of "air" and "cold". Frost revenants are the cold opposites of fire revenants. The two types do not get along, and the only thing they hate more than anything else is each other. The creature is seemingly humanoid, but rides on a ball of blue-colored energy rather than walking on two feet. A frost revenant wears flowing dark blue robes under scale mail armor and carries a heavy mace and large metal shield emblazoned with a single white-colored image of an eyeball. Etched into the shield, radiating from the eye out to the shield's edges, are yellow beams. The eye sockets of the creature's metallic helm shines with a menacing, brilliant white light. Its arms appear to be ice crystals held together by blue energy.

Frost revenants are just as territorial, though they tolerate the presence of other cold-based creatures and even enjoy the presence of ice revenants. Otherwise, frost revenants attack all intruders on sight, though they are much more patient and calculating in their methods. They may not be very intelligent, but they know how to fight. It's pretty much the only thing they do know well. Frost revenants work better in packs more than any other type of revenant. They coordinate the use of their blizzard spells to maximize damage on the weakest, less agile foes. They prefer to retreat when confronted, and continue casting blizzard from range. Once solidly engaged in melee, a frost revenant is quick to begin hammering foes with its mace.[1]


The only known frost revenant found in the World of Warcraft is the Frost Warders found in Vault of Archavon. There could be others that are marked as ice revenants instead, since there's not a completely easy way to tell the difference.

References Edit

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