Friend reputation is a special kind of reputation introduced with Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria that only applies to specific friend faction NPCs and uses a different set of levels. The progress toward each level is shown in a friendship bar at the top of the gossip window for each NPC.

Levels of friend reputation Edit

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Friend bar-Gina Mudclaw
  • Stranger - level range: 0-8400
  • Acquaintance - level range: 8400-16800
  • Buddy - level range: 16800-25200
  • Friend - level range: 25200-33600
  • Good Friend - level range: 33600-42000
  • Best Friend - level range: 42000-42999

Nat Pagle Edit

Nat Pagle <The Anglers Quartermaster> is the only non-Tillers friend faction.

Catching the "fish" that start quests of the same name and turning them in is the only way to increase your friend reputation with Nat:

Tillers NPCs Edit

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Gifts that raise friend reputation Edit

Found in [Dark Soil]:

Quests that raise friend reputation Edit

These should all be available every day:

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