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A friend faction is a new type of faction introduced with Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria that only applies to an individual NPC. Instead of reputation ranging from Hated to Exalted, friendship factions have friend reputation levels ranging from "Stranger" to "Best Friend". A "Friendship bar" appears for each friendship reputation level that needs to be filled up to get to the next level.

So far, all the friend faction NPCs, except Nat Pagle (of the Anglers), belong to the parent Tillers faction.

Levels of friend reputation Edit

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  • Stranger - level range: 0-8400
  • Acquaintance - level range: 8400-16800
  • Buddy - level range: 16800-25200
  • Friend - level range: 25200-33600
  • Good Friend - level range: 33600-42000
  • Best Friend - level range: 42000-42999

Increasing friend reputation Edit

  • Give them gifts (Tillers only).
  • Complete their quests.
    • Usually you will also get bonus reputation for the NPC's parent faction.

Friend faction NPCs Edit

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Character window-Reputations tab-Tillers

Tillers friend factions in Reputation tab

Character window-Reputations tab-Mists-Anglers

Anglers friend faction in Reputation tab

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