Referred to by HOWTO: Create simple pop-up dialog boxes.

<Ui xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="
    <!-- This script turns on verbose messages in the FrameXML log -->
    <!-- This button allows you to hot reload the UI at runtime -->
    <Button name="ReloadButton" parent="UIParent">
            <AbsDimension x="128" y="32"/>
            <Anchor point="BOTTOMRIGHT">
                    <AbsDimension x="-8" y="64"/>
        <NormalTexture inherits="DialogButtonNormalTexture"/>
        <PushedTexture inherits="DialogButtonPushedTexture"/>
        <HighlightTexture inherits="DialogButtonHighlightTexture"/>
        <NormalText inherits="DialogButtonNormalText" text="Reload"/>
        <HighlightText inherits="DialogButtonHighlightText" text="Reload"/>

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