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Trade engineering

A Frag Belt is an engineer-only permanent "enchant" to belts.

Materials required:
Inv ingot cobalt
8x [Cobalt Bar]
Inv misc enggizmos 04
8x [Volatile Blasting Trigger]

The recipe for this tinker is learned from Grand Master Engineering trainers.


This does stack with the [Eternal Belt Buckle], but does not stack with other engineering tinkers, specifically the [Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator].

This item shares a cooldown with other explosives, such as Saronite Bombs.

Note also that while the Cobalt Frag Bomb and Saronite Bomb both are described as having a 5' radius, the targetting indicator for the frag belt is much smaller than for the Saronite Bomb.

This has a casting time, but this ability is not interrupted by movement, and it can be used while moving.

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