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The Foxton family sually refers to the human family of slaves owned by Aedelas Blackmoore.


Tammis was with Aedelas Blackmoore when they both discovered Thrall. He was promoted when he forced his wife Clannia to become the little baby orc's wet nurse. Taretha, Tammis's daughter, was close personal friend of Thrall during his early life as a slave. She aided him to escape Durnholde Keep and was killed by Blackmoore for that.

Known membersEdit

  • IconSmall Human Male Tammis (and IconSmall Human Female Clannia), Taretha's parents. Tammis was Blackmoore's personal servant..
    • IconSmall Human Female Taretha
    • IconSmall Human Boy Faralyn, Taretha's younger brother. He died of a fever as a young baby.

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