Forum trolls are generally people who seek to cause trouble in the Warcraft Community Forums, creating or responding to provocative or nonsensical threads. The term itself is derived from general internet lingo for someone who "trolls" for replies and flame-wars, though within the WoW community there is some confusion due to the prevalence of the Troll humanoid race. Another explanation for the name could be that it was taken from the Troll in Scandinavian folklore; a slow, stupid and often rabble-rousing ogre. Recently, the term forum troll has developed into an excuse for using Master Suppression Techniques on opponents in forum disputes.

A majority of forum trolls that post use low-level alternate characters.

In December 2008, a guild within the World of Warcraft game environment pursued successful legal action against the harassment of one server troll, getting settlement as a legal agreement to cease action against their guild and an apology for said behavior.[citation needed]

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