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I know this is not the WoW main page forums and I know no one here can help me with my account but I just figured I would post this as a warning to some. I have played wow for some time. I just recently got back into the game. Decided last night to add curse and some addons. Questhelper, auctioneer and some mining gathering addon, forget the name. Well today at lunch I was unable to login due to my account being disabled. Seems somehow 2 characters were made under my account by the name of Wowbanks, on 2 servers I never play on. Not sure how this happened. Have not been to any web sites or have any virus' or backdoors on my computer. Only thing I could think of is it was one of these addons. So now I am in email traffic trying to get my account re-established. Has anyone heard of this wowbanks character being made on any others accounts? I can not post this in the WoW forums due to not being able to log into it, lol. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by GrndZero (talkcontr).

AddOns can't compromise your account. "AddOn Installers" (note the quotes) or programs that run alongside WoW are quite capable, however. That's where most keyloggers tend to come from. Email to see about getting your account back. Also take a look at our Security guide article for other safety advice. --k_d3 22:02, 22 May 2009 (UTC)
I have gone thru the wowaccountadmin path already. Just figured I would post this as a warning. Just seemed weird that 2 characters were made on 2 servers I never log into named the same. Almost as if the names were generated on servers the name has not been used before from something. All my characters are still there and from looking at the armory all the stuff is still on the characters. I just hope this gets resolved quickly since I just paid $25 for a character transfer. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by GrndZero (talkcontr).

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