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Why does my page have a stub tag on it?

  1. Is the page your user page or user talk page (User:username, User talk:username)? Or a subpage of your user page or user talk page?
    If not, it's not your page.
  2. If you go to the equivalent Wowhead page or page on some other DB, does that page have any useful info that the WoWWiki page doesn't have?
    WoWWiki's goal is to be THE source for Warcraft and World of Warcraft info, so if something useful is missing: the page deserves a stub.
  3. What does WoWWiki:Stub policy say?
    A stub is an article which still needs improvement or that which is not complete.
  4. What if it looks complete to me?
    Then don't put a stub tag on it, but don't remove one unless you know for sure it is complete.
  5. What would make it not complete?
    • For item pages: missing source info (where does it come from), missing ingredient/reagent info (what is it used for), missing recipe info (what does it take to make), who sells it, missing tooltip info, patch/hotfix change info, etc.
    • For formula/game mechanic pages: missing formulas, missing data tables, missing citations, etc.
    • For game term pages: missing alternative term names, context about where term is used, etc.
    • For guild pages: what faction, what realm, leaders/officers, guild website link, etc.
    • For mob/NPC pages: missing fight strategy, missing items sold, vendor type info, missing infobox info, patch/hotfix change info, etc.
    • For lore pages: missing citations or reference info is the main thing.
    • For player character pages: what faction, class, race, guild, realm/server, etc.
    • For realm/server pages: what region (US/EU), what timezones, what type (Normal, RP, PvP, RP-PvP), etc.
    • In general: categories, disambig links to pages with similar names, external links, etc.

--Gengar orange 22x22Beware the sneaky smile! Fandyllic (talk · contr) 22 Feb 2011 6:17 PM Pacific

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