Which boilerplate/template for Feral Dps Guide page?

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Forums: Index World of Warcraft Which boilerplate/template for Feral Dps Guide page?

In the process of writing up a rather large page on Feral Dps for endgame ferals in groups and raids. Last forum topic on this got me exactly zero help - so here goes again - what type of boilerplate or template would you recommend?

And No, regrettably this project doesn't fit neatly into the existing Feral Tactics and Feral PVE pages, as it's a rather large amount of information and very specific.

For a draft, see

Also, is there a way to embed a viddler video? I'd rather link embed one viddler than two youtube videos on this page.

--Parl2001 (talk) 03:38, January 2, 2010 (UTC)

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