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Go to (redirects to to download Warcraft 2 Combat Edition a free 15 mb version of the game. Just click the banner and install. After installation to connect to the multiplayer server go to multiplayer > enhanched > connect Server War2 RU

Warcraft 2 Festival V is just around the corner! July 26th-28th the players will be coming back to reunite once again to take part in the biggest events of the year!


  • Friday July 26th 6pm est time Chop Tournament 1vs1
  • Saturday July 27th 11am est time Castles6/ 62 Peons / ez5 Tournament
  • Saturday July 27th 12pm est time Chop 2vs2 Tournament
  • Saturday July 27th 1pm est time Classic Map Variety 1vs1 Tournament
  • Saturday July 27th 3pm est time Free Castles 007/214 Tournament
  • Saturday July 27th 4pm Garden of War 2vs2 Tournament
  • Saturday July 27th 7pm est time Archers Only 1vs1 Tournament
  • Saturday July 27th 8pm est time 4 Alleria / PBall Build / 60 Men Grunts
  • Saturday July 27th 10 pm est time BGH NA/ 2HF / KOTR 1vs1 Tournament
  • July 28th Garden of War TE 1vs1 Tournament


To close up the event at 11 pm est time 5 players will be inducted into the Warcraft 2 RU Community Hall Of Fame. These players will be decided on the forums by our players!


Warcraft 2 Festival I 2006

  • 1vs1 Tournament: Valkrie
  • 2vs2 Tournament: Valkrie & Tyrus

Warcraft 2 Festival II 2007

  • 1vs1 Tournament: Wargasm
  • 2vs2 Tournament: Valkrie & Rat

Warcraft 2 Festival III 2008

1vs1 Tournament: Swift 2vs2 Tournament: [TD]Wargasm & Cloud

Warcraft 2 Festival IV 2012

1vs1 Tournament: Viruz 2vs2 Tournament: Swift & Viruz 1vs1 Map Variety Tournament: Swift


I want to dedicate the 5th running of the Festival to our fallen comrades who have sadly left this world to play the game in the sky's up above. BibiFox, Soth, xVxBlueMoonxVx, NaiLs~SoL, x-DW-x)Final( & any others out there.


Also this year anyone who want's to donate go to PayPal and donate at . The donations will be spread throughout the tournaments for different prizes that will be posted closer towards the actual date.



LAN ORGANIZER BHC-JESK has a message for you all:

Annual War2 Lan Party Version 2013!!!!

  • Can I come?
    Yes you can! Just contact me.
  • When should I come?
    26th to the 28th July 2013
  • Where should i go?
    The LAN will be hosted at the same place as usual. Its the Hockey rink of my team. We have plently of space, a kitchen, showers, toilets etc. there! So everything you need. There wont be any costs for us but you can donate a few bucks for the team if you want to.
  • Am Weseranger 33, 37688 Beverungen, Germany
    Beware: Some navigation systems have trouble finding the street

If you need any sort of help with traveling, ask me!!! A lot of people are coming, there might be people who can pick you up, even from an airport!!! Nothing is impossible.

  • Where can I sleep?
    1. LAN location -> bring your own bed though, but we have plenty of space
    2. Camp in a tent or whatever at the location -> that's what i always do
    3. Hotel -> I can help you to book a place, single rooms cost about 30-40€/night
    4.  ???keyboard???
  • Should I bring my own computer?
    If it is possible, do it! We will have at least 8 computers and dont really need more. People who don't bring a computer should bring at least their own mouse and keyboard.
  • I heard there will be a tournament... so what can I win???
    1st place: an epic War2 LAN Champion cup, lots of fame and hot girls!
    2nd place: Surprise, surprise baby!
    3rd place: Surprise, surprise baby!

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